I thought I'll never be able to become normal again. But after years of struggle & with the grace of my mentors, I finally learned to say goodbye to my old body.

- Certified trainer and nutritionist, Mohinish Nirwal

Eat homemade foods

Learn how to permanently stay lean with homemade foods. Gain freedom from dieting and expensive 'healthy' foods.

Heal from inside

Do you know that having too much fat is a low-grade inflammation? It means your body is always fighting with itself. Gain simple techniques that allows your body to heal and lose weight.

One-minute magic

Learn how I used a simple one-minute mindset technique to gain fitness and lost almost 35 kilos in the process.

Hi, this is Mohinish

I help busy folks AKA karmayogis gain enchanting health & lose weight without any special diet or equipment necessary.